Steve Greeley (’04) Named Partner at Law Firm

Steve Greeley (’04) has been named a partner with Franks, Gerkin, Ponitz & Greeley in Marengo, Illinois.  He was raised to always work as hard as he possibly can, and he does the same for his clients. He is motivated by his love for effective and efficient problem solving, which is something he practices every day in the legal profession. His favorite part of being an attorney is when he obtains a significant result for his client whose rights are in danger.

Steve is passionate about the process of fully preparing a case to be ready to present at trial with the knowledge that this is the only time for a client to obtain award for their injuries. Above all, he values the well-being of the client. He works with people throughout McHenry County and nearby counties who have been injured, and are in difficult positions physically, emotionally and, financially. He does his best to alleviate those issues, and avoid future issues. He is able to do that because of his extensive background in personal injury, workers’ compensation, contract and other civil litigation.

Steve is president of the McHenry County Bar Association, member of the Illinois Bar Association, and Commissioner for the McHenry County Historic Preservation.  He is also a board member of Prairie State Legal Services, which is the organization in Central and Northern Illinois that handles all non-criminal matters for people in poverty. He practices law in Illinois and Wisconsin.

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