Memorial Celebration of Life for Associate Dean Mandell

Please join the Mandell Family and NIU College of Law for a virtual Memorial Celebration of Life for Associate Dean Emeritus Lenny Mandell on Sunday, May 23 from 12-1:30 p.m. CST. Register via Zoom.

Much of Dean Mandell’s life revolved around the NIU College of Law. We expect that a number of members of the NIU Law community will want to offer spoken tributes (which may just be short stories about him) during this program. If you would like to speak, contact Melody Mitchell at with your name, your relationship to Dean Mandell (e.g., moot court participant or board member or intercollegiate team member, clinic student, colleague at the law school or from elsewhere within the University). It will be important to keep the event within the time limits proposed; thus, we are requesting that spoken tributes be limited to 2-5 minutes. We are also asking for the substantive text of the tribute you wish to deliver be sent to Melody by May 12.

Some spoken tributes will also be given by Dean Mandell’s family and non-law school friends. As a result, more tributes may be offered than can be accommodated during the celebration. Please understand that if this happens, a small group, which will include Dean Mandell’s wife, Stacey (’96), and members of the NIU Law family will determine who will be on the program. However, all tributes, spoken and unspoken during the program, will be published following Dean Mandell’s Memorial Celebration of Life. We also invite you join the Dean Mandell Memorial Facebook Page to post pictures and messages.

We expect that this will be a memorable event for all who held Dean Mandell in high regard. All are invited to attend.

View Dean Mandell’s obituary and graveside memorial service held on April 9, 2021 in Mansfield, CT.

To make an online contribution to the Lenny and Stacey Endowed Scholarship, visit the College of Law’s Foundation Page (under Search Available Designations, select “write your own” then enter “Mandell Endowed Scholarship”).  To mail in a donation, please include this donation form with your check.


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