Results from 2018 1L Closing Argument Competition

1L Closing Argument Competition 2018
Arlo Harmon (finalist), Bethany Bonsu (Prosecution Champion), Spencer Chikahisa (Defense Champion) and Katelyn Ditzler (finalist). Judges (back row): Brian Cunningham (’16), Hon. Debra Schafer and Kristin Good (’13)

The 1L Closing Argument Competition provides first-year students an opportunity to apply the facts of a case to the jury instructions and deliver a closing argument to a jury. It is intended as the first step for students who want to learn trial skills.

The 2018 winners are:

  • Champions:¬†Bethany Bonsu (Prosecution Champion) and Spencer Chikahisa (Defense Champion)
  • Runners-up:¬†Arlo Harmon (Prosecution) and Katelyn Ditzler (Defense)
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