Kathleen Zellner (’81) to Make her ‘Making a Murderer’ Debut

Photo credit: Stacey Wescott/Chicago Tribune

Kathleen Zellner (’81) is featured in a Chicago Tribune article, “5 things about Chicago-area lawyer Kathleen Zellner as she makes her ‘Making a Murderer’ debut.

The Law Offices of Kathleen T. Zellner & Associates is based in the Chicago, Illinois, area. Her team of trial lawyers concentrates on winning major civil rights violations, medical malpractice, prisoner abuse, criminal appeals, post-conviction, and habeas actions throughout the United States. Her firm deals decisively and courageously with legal matters that profoundly affect the lives of people from all walks of life.  She has been involved in numerous high-profile cases including representing clients such as Steven Avery, who was the subject of the 2015 Netflix series Making a Murderer.


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