NIU Law Review Welcomes 19 New Staff Members

Law Review staff pictured with faculty advisor Professor Michael Oswalt (far left).

The Northern Illinois University Law Review proudly welcomes nineteen new staff members for the journal’s fortieth volume: Allison Piper Geber, Cole Burton, Colin Siegel, Emma Ray, Jesslyn Truesdale, Joseph Ranvestel, Kathryn Keizer, Katlin Kiefer, Kevin Scheer, Khalfani Mar’Na, Leah Nolan, Margaret Kramer, Matthew Picton, Rachel Albaugh, Shiva Lennon-Rios, Staci Vazquez, Taylor Spooner, Tristyn Criswell, and Whitni Hart.

Congratulations to these accomplished students. The NIU Law Review looks forward to a successful year ahead of legal scholarship.

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