Sen. Toi Hutchinson (‘14) tapped to become Senior Advisor to the Governor

Photo credit: Sen. Hutchinson’s website.

In a recent announcement, Senator Toi Hutchinson (’14) will resign her seat in the Illinois Senate to become the Senior Advisor to the Governor on Cannabis Control. Sen. Hutchinson, who was one of the chief legislative sponsors of Illinois’ recreation marijuana law, was appointed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker for this role where she will oversee the rollout of the new program and coordinate the efforts of several state agencies.

Sen. Hutchinson joined the Senate in 2009 where she has earned a reputation as a highly effective and well-regarded public servant with a strong commitment to the residents of the 40th District. During her tenure, she has placed a high importance on working to modernize Illinois’ antiquated tax structure, protecting women and children from violence and exploitation and supporting construction projects that create jobs while also maintaining Illinois’ position as an international transportation hub.

Sen. Hutchinson serves on numerous committees including as chairwoman of the Senate Revenue Committee. She introduced legislation to close corporate tax loopholes, and passed legislation increasing the earned income tax credit as well as the standard tax exemption. In addition, Sen. Hutchinson recently served as president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, a bipartisan organization that serves the nation’s 7,383 state lawmakers and more than 20,000 legislative staff throughout the country.

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