Alumni Volunteers Needed to Help With Online Student Depositions

This fall, there are over 70 students taking Introduction to Lawyering Skills, which adds up to a lot of practice depositions.  To help us out, we are asking for alumni volunteers to act as witnesses in the Donaldson v. Empire Car Rental Company Title VII action, which all students are “litigating” this fall.

The depositions will be conducted online at times scheduled for your convenience.  They should last approximately 30 minutes and will take place on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, depending on your preference.  Participants will include the student attorney taking the deposition and the attorney defending.  Witness transcripts will be provided to you.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Dean Coles at, who will sign you up or link you to one of the other instructors depending on your availability.  We anticipate the depositions will take place between October 5 and November 5.

Thank you!

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