Professor Romero Quoted in Daily Beast Article on the Killing of Breonna Taylor

Professor Maybell Romero was quoted in a recent article by the Daily Beast regarding the shooting death of 27-year old Breonna Taylor.  The article focused on the hours of recordings from the grand jury proceedings that were released on Friday, October 2, 2020.  According to the article, a judge ordered Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron to take the extraordinarily unusual step of releasing the grand jury recording, a process that is typically kept secret, after an unidentified juror filed a motion requesting the release of all information in Taylor’s case – stating “certain questions were left unanswered.” Also, that the recordings notably did not include prosecutors’ recommendations and arguments.

Professor Romero told The Daily Beast that while each state is free to set different rules on how their grand jury proceedings go, it is extremely “strange” that the attorney general didn’t include recommendations and arguments in the audio release. “If anything, his decision not to include his arguments makes it harder for the public to find inconsistencies and scrutinize the investigation,” Romero said. The article went on to discuss additional details from the released recordings.

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