NIU Law Team Places Second in 2021 ABA Client Counseling Competition

Third-year law students Emma Ray and Leah Nolan

Congratulations to third-year law students Leah Nolan and Emma Ray, who placed second in the ABA Regional Client Counseling Competition. This year’s competition was virtually hosted by the University of Missouri School of Law from January 29-30, 2021.

The team prepared for the competition with the help and guidance of their coach, Associate Dean Yolanda King.  “I am extremely proud of Leah and Emma,” said Associate Dean King. “They worked extremely hard and were able to adapt to a highly competitive virtual competition.”

Leah and Emma competed against a number of schools including Creighton University School of Law, Texas Tech School of Law, and University of Connecticut School of Law, among others.  They were able to successfully advance from the preliminary rounds to the semi-finals before placing second in the final round.

The Client Counseling competition addresses fundamental skills necessary for all successful attorneys, namely the ability to interview, counsel, and support a client through their legal issue.  Competitors conducted an initial interview with a person playing the role of the client and then addressed both the client’s legal and non-legal needs.  Students were called on to explain various aspects of the attorney-client relationship, build rapport, determine client goals, and consider applicable law and options that may be available to the client.

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