Professor Vaughn Appointed Chair of ISBA Standing Committee

Professor Wendy Hinton VaughnNIU Law Clinical Associate Professor Wendy H. Vaughn was appointed by ISBA President, Anna Krolikowska, as Chair of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Legal Education, Admission, and Competence for 2021-2022.  The mission of this Standing Committee is to study all phases of preparatory and legal education requirements for admission to the bar and standards for bar examinations, as well as to review and to make recommendations regarding continuing legal education, competence, and lawyer skills.

Professor Vaughn has been a member of the Standing Committee on Legal Education, Admission, and Competence since 2016, having served as vice chair for 2020-2021.  This Committee has previously outlined recommendations for the Illinois Bar exam and authored the ISBA’s report recommending adoption of the UBE in Illinois.

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