Professor Gwiazdon Interviewed by CNN & Gives Keynotes on Climate Change

NIU Law Adjunct Professor Kathryn Gwiazdon recently provided the keynote address for the Semana del Clima – a weeklong conference hosted by the Grand Lodges of Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, and Paraguay and the Women’s Lodges of Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina.  The keynote was in preparation for the Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 26), to be held in Glasgow from October 31-November 12, 2021. The theme for the Semana del Clima, which ended on October 22, is Environmental Ethics and Climate Action.  She was also interviewed by CNN about the necessary tools for environmental governance for COP26.

On Monday, October 18 after greetings from distinguished guests, including the Vice President of Uruguay, Professor Gwiazdon provided the keynote, “Healing the harms: ethics in action for the future of life.” It focused on the underlying ethical principles of the rule of law, governance, justice, and democracy, and state responsibility for global action on climate change.

Professor Gwiazdon, based in Washington D.C., is a lawyer, author, advisor, and connector who specializes in the role of the state in global governance and the inter-sectionality of ethics and the environment with all policy issues. Her work focuses on systems of law and governance that harm and help our human and natural world, with particular consideration to the underlying values and power dynamics. As such, she is the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Environmental Ethics and Law, an international non-governmental organization based in the United States that works with government and non-governmental organizations around the world to advance ethics in policy-making.

Alongside her role as Executive Director, she teaches Public International Law and International Business Transactions at Northern Illinois University College of Law. Professor Gwiazdon is also a founding member of the Ecological Law and Governance Association, Chair of the Ethics Specialist Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, Executive Committee member of the International Network for Epidemiology in Policy, and an Expert for the UN Harmony with Nature program.

Her scholarly research includes 20+ peer-reviewed publications on international law, environmental law, comparative law, human rights, human security, global governance, justice, and ethics, and her current research includes co-editing (and authoring) The Handbook on Applied Climate Ethics (Routledge 2022), The Politics of Ecological Integrity (Springer 2022), and the resultant publication of the Normandy Chair for Peace event (2022).

Links from her organization’s website includes the Interview with La Tercera (Oct. 18) – article (en español); Keynote (Oct. 18) – Youtube: Gran Logia de Chile (en español); written remarks (PDF – in English); Interview with CNN Chile (Oct. 19) – Youtube: CNN Chile (en español).

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