NIU Law Hosted Teach-In on Rittenhouse Verdict

Pictured (from top left): Associate Dean Falkoff, Prof. Weffer, Prof. Bernick, Prof. McConkie, and Prof. Cain.

The NIU College of Law hosted a virtual flash teach-in on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and verdict on Monday, November 22.  This program was held as a result of the Friday, November 19, jury decision that acquitted Mr. Rittenhouse of homicide and other charges relating to shootings during a protest against police violence that took place in August 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Panelists included NIU Professors Evan Bernick (College of Law), Paul Cain (College of Law), Dan McConkie (College of Law), Simón Weffer (Sociology), and was moderated by NIU Law Associate Dean Marc Falkoff.

The panel addressed a number of topics including the law surrounding the use of deadly force in self-defense (both generally and in Wisconsin in particular); an overview of the Rittenhouse trial and decisions made by the prosecutors and the judge; and the role of race in deadly-force and stand-your ground defenses, from the killings of Trayvon Martin to Ahmaud Arbery.  Questions from the audience were also answered.

The recording of Monday’s teach-in on the Rittenhouse verdict is available here using Access Passcode: #CZbe$m7.

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